Based on your quiz results, we’ve determined that your Hormonal Type is in the Red Zone. Which means your fat burning and muscle building capacity is far lower than it could be. Read on below to discover:

Discover The Harvard Hormone Hack That Burns Fat Up to 297% Faster Than Even The Strictest Keto

Without Fad Diets, Exhausting Cardio, or Expensive Testosterone Treatments

This Natural Hormone Hack is what allowed me to shed over 72 lbs in 4.5 months.

And here’s the thing:
  • I don’t run, do any cardio or long exhausting workouts
  • ​I don’t count my calories or track my steps
  • I don’t follow a strict eating plan and  I eat plenty of pasta, rice and bread
  • I don’t avoid alcohol and have 2 or 3 beers or bourbon several times a week
  • I don’t rely on any creams, injections or drugs to stay lean and ripped all year long
And today I’m going to show you exactly how I did it…

Using a breakthrough discovery by a Harvard Medical School Doctor that's reshaping the lives of thousands of men over 35, right before our very eyes. 

Today it's your turn…
Based on methods used by pro athletes and hollywood stars:

This Is What I Used To Look Like, 
At 40 Years Old...

And the picture on the right is me just over 4 months later
The picture on the left was the best I could look following the mainstream fitness methods:

Cutting carbs, going to the gym 5 times a week, trying exclusion diets like keto and paleo, counting steps and counting calories…
Everything I could think of, I tried it at one point or another.
And it would work for a week… maybe two…

But then I’d hit a plateau or take a weekend off and lose all the progress I’d made and feel defeated..

No matter what I tried…

My stomach still bulged over my pants, my arms looked weak and flabby and I hated looking in the mirror.

But since discovering the Harvard Hormone Hack, it only took 4 months to easily achieve the best shape of my life (as you can see in the pic on the right)...

And just to clarify, I don't have super hero genetics, I work sitting on my butt all day long and I've never had abs before in my life…

Just a 30-second pre-coffee tweak made all the difference!

And trust me when I tell you…

This Can Work For Any Man, At Any Age, No Matter How Out Of Shape And Overweight You Think You Are

Because the Harvard Hormone Hack allows you to reset the most powerful fat loss and muscle building hormones in your body in as little as 7 days

You’ll supercharge your metabolism so you can eat a pan of lasagna when you feel like it and still see abs.

Do minimal exercise and still have vascular arms and well defined pecs.

And rediscover a new level of energy you haven’t had in years…

So pay close attention because

The surprising discovery I’m about to share with you flies in the face of all the mainstream diet and fitness advice and goes to the real core of the issue.
  • Quickly Burning Belly fat, disappearing love handles and soft flabby bulges - as the excess weight they’ve struggled with for years vanishes before their eyes
  • ​Their physical body recovers the very essence of youth, with undefeatable energy, strength and drive
  • ​Their androgen hormones surge, reinvigorating them from the gym to the boardroom to the bedroom too
  • ​They sink into a deep, rejuvenating sleep that's eluded them for years, waking up each morning feeling invigorated and ready to seize the day.
All thanks to a  simple "hack" that floods every cell in your body with fat-erasing and muscle-toning androgens and growth factors. 
Just like it did for:
Disclaimer: Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, ability to follow simple instructions and work ethic. We can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Every person is different and results may vary.

"I lost nearly 50lbs in 3 months at 49 years old."

Juan G. from Texas

"I’m down over 70lbs. My cravings are gone and I have the energy to run my business all day long."

Chris G. from California

"I got down to 10% body fat, built visible muscle and my testosterone is now in the high 800’s."

Nazar K. from Europe

And while these changes may seem astounding…

They barely scratch the surface of what this Harvard Hormone Hack can do

I’ll make it all clear in the next 3 minutes…
  • The real reason you, like most men in the modern world, may have lost half of your testosterone level if you’re over 40... 
  • ​The simple at home test you can do in minutes to see if yours is in the “red zone”. (Chances are it is, even if you eat perfect and workout every day)
  • ​The Harvard M.D. who discovered the life changing Hormonal “Golden Ratio” that may help you melt fat, double your energy and make you feel great all over again.
  • ​Plus, how this amazing discovery just might save your life…
Because it saved my life, when I was spinning more and more out of control until…

One Day, I stumbled on the Root Cause Behind All my Struggles

Until my late 30s, I had the sex drive of a jack rabbit. I slept like a log and woke up feeling great every day.

But suddenly, I felt like I just started falling apart.

My energy levels tanked.

I put on 34 pounds in just 6 months, without doing anything different.

And almost overnight, I had zero interest in sex

And take it from me guys, my wife is hot…

My mind got foggy. Half the time, I couldn’t remember names or numbers…

It was like my brain had turned to oatmeal and was starting to run out the sides of my ears.

I had no idea what was going on.

The morning after a workout, I felt like I’d been hit by a train. I was achy, creaky and stiff as a board.
Worse yet, the diet and exercise combinations that had always worked for me up to that point were now a dead end.
I was 2 months away from my 40th birthday, living in a quiet little town in Canada, and I was filled with dread.

Because I was about to become a dad for the first time and I actually felt like a grandfather instead of a dad.

I hated it because I wanted to be there for my kid. Play ball and set the right example of what a man can be.

But here I was, feeling like I was living out my remaining days before going to the glue factory, when I hadn’t even turned 40 yet.

And my relationship was suffering.  

Now 4 months pregnant, my wife never said anything directly, but I could feel the concern in her face and voice.

How was I going to show up as a Dad and a Husband when I could barely get out of bed in the morning?

What kind of father was I going to be to my kid if I had no energy to do anything but watch tv and sit around at home?

What would happen to my health if things stayed on this path?

Would she ever get back the strong and energetic partner she’d fallen in love with…

The one with whom she could build a bright future and thrive?

Even my business was taking a hit.  

On all sides, the walls were closing in.

I desperately needed a solution to get things back under control.

But it felt like something fundamental had changed inside my body that I just didn’t understand.

So I looked everywhere and spent hundreds of hours reading complicated journals and double blind studies.

It was a long and stressful process, but for the sake of my wife and son, I promised myself I wouldn’t give in…

And after several months, I finally discovered the missing link I’d been searching for all along.
It was hidden in the work of a Harvard trained doctor who , like me, had come to believe the problem, and therefore the solution, was in men’s hormones.
But when it comes to men’s health, fitness, energy and wellbeing, contrary to what most people are led to believe, it’s NOT just about testosterone.

Here’s what I mean:

Hormones control everything from your mood to your body temperature to your sexual performance to how much fat you store and how much muscle you have.

But it doesn’t begin and end at testosterone like most men think.

In fact, testosterone has less to do with your performance as you age than you believe.

There’s another hormone that’s far more powerful and far more insidious, and chances are you’ve heard of it.
It’s cortisol.
Now, don’t get me wrong.  

Cortisol is not bad in and of itself.  

It regulates very important body functions and contributes to health and well being when it’s in the normal ranges.
When cortisol and testosterone are working in perfect harmony, that’s called...
Man’s Golden Ratio
That’s what I stumbled on one night reading work by Best Selling Author and Harvard trained medical doctor and researcher Sara Gottfried, M.D. :


“...Optimizing testosterone to cortisol ratio is critical for lean muscle mass, libido, and a sense of well-being in men over 40."
That’s the Golden Ratio

A critical equilibrium between the 2 most powerful hormones that influence the male body.
When you’re under this ratio, “nothing works”.

You’re in the hormonal red zone or what some experts call “male menopause”.

In that state, the game is lost in advance.

No diet, exercise or mainstream advice can get you lean or ripped or stop the downward spiral.

It’s like being stuck in a vise grip with low testosterone on one side and high cortisol on the other, squeezing the life and vitality out of you at every turn.

Which also explains why men are so much worse off, so much more overweight today than they were just decades ago.

You’ve almost certainly heard about the low testosterone epidemic hitting men in the modern world.

It’s been on every major news channel and science magazine, CNN, FOX, BBC, Scientific American, National Geographic…

And you’ve seen testosterone clinics spring up by the thousands like mushrooms after the rain.

Millions of dollars are spent advertising testosterone supplements on TV, radio and the internet.

The problem is very real. But it’s only half of the story. 

And not the most important half as I’ve been telling you.
But why are testosterone levels so low in modern countries today?
While it’s true that aging is responsible for a 1% yearly decline after 30, it doesn’t explain what’s actually going on.

If getting older was the only factor at play then a 40 year old man would have fully 90% of the level of their 30 year old self.

A 50 year old man would still have 80% of his maximum testosterone intact.

But it’s not even close.

In fact many guys in their 30, 40s and 50s now have testosterone levels of a normal man in their 80s.

I know because I was one of them! And I had nearly all the symptoms…

In the words of Dr. Gottfried, here is what a man with low testosterone experiences beyond accelerated fat accumulation:


“...Loss of wellbeing, difficulty concentrating, depression, change in sleep, decreased libido or decline in sexual function or interest, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass and strength, fatigue, frailty, bone loss, metabolic syndrome, and greater cardiovascular risk.”
So if you find yourself feeling like a dark specter is casting a shadow over you, look no further.

And ask yourself, why are testosterone levels plummeting to the lowest levels ever recorded in human history?

In simple terms:
Cortisol - The Hormonal Supervillain That Steals Your Sleep And Makes Belly Fat Stick Like Glue
Cortisol is your main stress hormone and it’s released when your body or brain perceive “stress”.

Its job is to raise your blood pressure and blood sugar so that you can either fight or run (fight or flight).

But the modern world has so many chronic stressors that men over 30 tend to have chronically high cortisol.

And that’s the death knell for testosterone, because in the words of Dr. Gottfried:


“...Cortisol is the boss and at the top of the hierarchy”.
Meaning that your body will sacrifice production of thyroid and sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, androgens) if you have dysregulated cortisol.
In other words, until you get out of the redzone and back into the Golden Ratio… 
You can say goodbye to your muscle building and fat burning capacity, your mood, wellbeing, motivation, libido and metabolism.
Testosterone supplements won’t do a thing on their own.

Even TRT will barely register.

Lifting heavier weights, calorie-cutting diets, sweat-inducing workouts—they don't address this core issue. 
...And can actually make things worse instead of better.
They're designed for younger bodies who are still in the Golden Ratio, not for men like us who are fighting against a hormonal rebellion.

And until cortisol is put back in its proper place, all the testosterone in the world doesn’t mean crap if your cortisol is eating away at it like acid.

But here's the good news. There's a way to right the ship, to rebalance these hormones and reclaim control over your body...

Let Me Introduce The Secret Weapon: 
A Totally Natural Hormonal Reset

Think of it as fine-tuning the engine of your body for optimal performance.

You see, the Golden Ratio is all about elevating testosterone while simultaneously lowering cortisol. 

The true power of this approach lies in its ability to address both of these key hormones at once, getting your head back above water faster than any other way.

According to a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology, men with optimized hormone levels showed a dramatic:

- 42% increase in energy,
- 38% reduction in body fat
- Incredible 57% improvement in overall mood and mental clarity.

That means they lost nearly half their body fat without changing their diets and without doing any more exercise!

Why does it work so effectively? 

Because it aligns your body’s hormonal profile to its prime fat burning state. 

It's the difference between kicking a door down and simply unlocking it.
It Works With Your Body, Not Against It
Imagine how much easier it will be to peel off the pounds once optimized hormones are finally stacking the deck in your favor instead of the other way around:
  •  Reduced Cravings: Helps control hunger signals and reduce cravings, making it easier to maintain a healthy diet.
  • ​Boosted Metabolism: Your metabolism operates more efficiently, helping to burn more calories even at rest.
  • ​ Increased Energy Levels: Stable and sustained energy throughout the day, make physical activity more manageable and enjoyable.
  • ​Enhanced Muscle Growth: Boosts metabolic rate and increases fat burning.
  • Better Sleep Quality: Linked with balanced hormones, which aids in weight loss.
  • Stress Management: Prevents emotional eating and excess calorie consumption.
  • Improved Mood: Improved mood and motivation make it easier to stick to exercise and diet plans.
  • Reduced Inflammation: A key player in weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.
  • Optimized Digestion: A well-balanced hormonal profile can improve gut health, making weight loss efforts more efficient.
  • Prevention of Weight Rebound: Unlike quick-fix diets, hormonal balance supports sustainable weight loss, reducing the likelihood of regaining weight.
That’s what attracted me to this idea in the first place:

Smooth and easy weight loss that was sustainable and addressed the root causes of the way I felt and how my body functioned.

The only problem is that it was easier said than done.

There were books and videos on the topic and I read them all.

The information was often confusing, contradictory and I went on one wild goose chase after another.

It took me years to dial it in and test it on myself.
…what To Eat, When To Fast, How To Exercise
Which supplements had a real impact on my metabolism and which ones just dented my wallet.

What lifestyle tweaks had massive bang for the buck.

I made great progress, but it wasn’t until I met one of the world’s most renowned strength and conditioning coaches, a guy who worked with top CEOs, gold medal athletes and pro-sports teams that I finally cracked the code.

He specialized in optimizing hormones in top athletes for whom it could make the difference between winning Gold and not even qualifying for the event.

And of course these methods had to be entirely natural since pro athletes are subjected to regular and rigorous testing.

So he gave me a new set of instructions to add to those I had already…

And when I did, my new body burst out of its shell, I lost 72 lbs in just over 4 months, built 17 lbs of muscle and felt better than I had in 15 years.

These two pictures are less than 4 months apart:
After that, I shared it with a few close friends and others who saw or heard of my transformation.

They got amazing results too.  
More and more people started asking about how I was getting such great changes so quickly.

As much as I wanted to help everybody, I just didn’t have enough time, so I decided to document the whole system so people could just apply it for themselves.
I put it all into a short and easy  to digest digital book called:
Man’s Golden Ratio 
The Natural Hormonal Reset Protocol
Legendary strength and conditioning coach Tim Grover, (Michael Jordan’s personal trainer) said it best:


“If you want to get somewhere new, you have to throw out the tired old map and stop traveling the same road to the same dead end.”
Well you’re about to get the new map to the fastest and most effective weight loss you’ve ever experienced.  

The exact same system our clients have used to shed 17, 25, 56, even 72 lbs of stubborn fat from their bellies, love handles, chest and back…

Getting lean and ripped, recovering their edge and leaving their friends and family speechless at the transformation.

Without cutting carbs, without long grueling workouts and without turning your life upside down.

And it all works on one simple iron-clad principle:
Chemistry > Calorie
The Golden Ratio Hormone Optimization Protocol works better and faster than any other exercise, diet or system I’ve ever encountered.

Because changing your body chemistry is the one thing that pulls all the levers of fat loss, muscle gain, metabolic enhancement, libido, testosterone and even psychology, all at once.

Younger hormones = younger body.

Younger body = more muscle, less fat, more energy and a new lease on life.

It’s that simple.

Better yet, we provide you with a personalized, in depth analysis and give you your own, personalized roadmap to incredible results.

No other method can do that.

Most diets only deregulate your hormones even more.

Most workout programs are either ineffective or too long, too hard and too disruptive to your schedule and your metabolism.

And while clinical hormone therapy might work, its safety is questionable, its price is $1000-2000 per year at least, and once you start, you can never stop.

But with the Golden Ratio Natural Hormonal Reset Protocol

You can…
Get Ripped At Home Safely, Easily And Affordably In Just Minutes A Day
When you restore your hormone’s Golden Ratio, you can prepare to shed pounds like they’re going out of style…

Your waistline will shrink, the scale will become your best friend, your clothes will fit better, your posture will improve, and your muscles will emerge as the fat disappears.

Each pound lost will be a step away from the old you and a stride towards the healthier, happier person you're destined to be.

Your kids will brag about how fit and healthy their dad is…

Your co-workers and friends will marvel at the transformation…

 And your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Each day, you'll feel a growing sense of triumph, knowing that you're reclaiming control of your body, your health, and your life.

Being the best version of yourself you can be.
Just like these men did:
Now you may look at these results and think: “that’s great for these guys, but it won’t work for me… I’m different…”

Well guess what. That’s what everyone thinks.

But the truth is, with this Golden Ratio Hormonal Reset Protocol, it will work for you.  

Because as you're about to see, it takes into consideration your unique situation like no other method can…

When you order today, you get the entire system in an easy to digest digital book.
And you also get our personalized recommendations made specifically for you based on our Proprietary Assessment Quiz
Here’s how it works:
  Step 1 - Hormonal Assessment Quiz
Simply fill out the easy online assessment we provide. It only takes a few minutes.
  Step 2 - Free Hormonal Reset Roadmap
Then use your customized “Hormonal Reset Roadmap” we deliver to you by email to get leaner and meaner than you ever thought possible. (This is 100% free and included with your order today)
You’ll know exactly what to eat as you follow the most effective eating pattern there is: the one that revs your body chemistry to give you unparalleled energy, rapid fat burning and deep rejuvenating sleep.

You’ll know exactly how to workout, from home or the gym so you burn the maximum amount of fat while building muscle and never getting tired, bored or injured. 

21 minutes is all you need.

Heck, you could lose loads of fat even if you skip this part entirely.

Plus you’ll discover the key supplements to fuel your rapid fat loss transformation and support your new body chemistry.

You’ll learn about the worst toxins in the environment that eat away at your testosterone, how to avoid them and how to detox your body easily and effectively.
And we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.
Just keep in mind that we’re only including this free assessment/roadmap for a limited time
Our coaches can only produce a limited number of custom evaluations and personalized roadmaps per day. 

Demand is already sky-high, and when we reach our limit, we’ll have to remove this incredible bonus or start charging for it.

The reason why I’m including it today is because I know that this personal roadmap makes all the difference and I want you to have every advantage possible to transform your body.

I remember exactly what it was like when I felt stuck, inadequate and helpless.  

To hate your reflection in the mirror and feel like a letdown to the most important people in your life.

And to wonder why you can’t get your body and energy in the right place while others seem to do it so easily.

It’s my personal mission to help guys in that situation never have to experience anything like that ever again.

Other solutions cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Doing nothing is really not an option because it’s the most costly option of all.

And with everything included in the Golden Ratio Hormonal Reset Protocol, you might expect to pay easily $100.

And it would be more than worth it.

And just a short while ago, people were paying $67 for their copy.

But right now, you can get yours for just $27 and get your personal Hormonal Assessment and Roadmap to Ripped, a real value of $49 included, absolutely free.

That’s just $27 for everything. Less than the price of a single fast food meal.
When you click it, you’ll be taken to our order form, where you can claim your copy of Man’s Golden Ratio and your Free personal hormonal assessment and weight loss road map.

It takes less than two minutes, and your information will be 100% secure.

After you customize your order, you’ll have the option to fill out your Personal Hormonal Assessment in just minutes so you can get your personal Roadmap to Ripped and your results as quickly as possible.

Of course you can choose to do it later as well. Your spot will be reserved no matter what.

And you will have full access to Man’s Golden Ratio in your member area for instant download.

Plus, to make sure you’re getting the most from your “Total Body Transformation” and journey toward Looking and feeling INCREDIBLE...

Here's Everything You're Getting For Only $27 Today
Included With Your $27 Order
MAn's GOLden Ratio EBOOK
There are no limits to how far our clients can take their physique with this amazing transformation book
   Digital Ebook
Complete our proprietary quiz for insight into your body and hormone profile.
   Online Quiz Price: $49
Your specific results including strengths and weaknesses and fat burning potential.
   Delivered by Email
Clear step by step instructions made for you based on your assessment results.
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Easy steps to natural hormonal optimization with clear results in 30 days.
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Nothing will accelerate your results and your mindset more than being in a community of doers, movers and shakers
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Read the book directly on your computer, phone, or tablet and start implementing right away.
All orders of Man’s Golden Ratio come with a lifetime, 100% Money Back Guarantee
That means that that as long as this website is up, you can get your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied…

This way you can put everything I’ve been saying here to the test.

Either the Golden Ratio Hormonal Optimization Protocol works for you…

And you’re thrilled with this decision…

Or I’ll give you back every single penny. 

So while the overwhelming majority of men who download Man’s Golden Ratio have been reporting remarkable transformations in their body fat, muscle mass and stamina…

If for any reason at all you’re not one of them…

Simply send an email to our support team at telling us that Man’s Golden Ratio just wasn’t right for you...

And we’ll return every single dime of your investment, no questions asked.

That email I just shared will also be given on your order confirmation page, we’ll email it to you, and you’ll find it in the book and member area as well…

So don’t worry, you’ll know exactly how to contact us from day one…

And this is truly an UNCONDITIONAL guarantee.

What that means is that you won’t be asked any questions... there won’t be any hassle... and you don’t have to prove anything…

If Man’s Golden Ratio doesn’t do everything you’re hoping that it will, and more…

Just send us a message and you’ll get every single dime of your investment back for as long as this website exists.

This is my way of making this completely risk-free, and taking all the pressure off of you.

I just want to help you get back on top, and offering this generous guarantee makes it super easy for you to try Man’s Golden Ratio…

So go ahead and place your order today, while we’re still able to offer custom hormonal assessments and free personalized Roadmaps for getting ripped.

Join Hundreds Of Men Who Are Now Walking Around In Their Dream Body After Getting In The Best Shape Of Their Lives With Us

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If you aren’t restoring key hormones to optimal levels, chances are you’ll never get the body transformation you want…

But when you hit your Golden Ratio, you could experience rapid fat loss, muscle gain and better mood, sleep, digestion and more… without giving up your favorite foods or spending hours at the gym.

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 Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of results can I expect from The Golden Ratio?
I like to place results possible with this system into three buckets. 

First, you’ll lose weight and tone up your muscles. You’ll feel better and look better in any clothes you choose to wear. 

Second is more energy and drive. No more daytime fatigue or dragging yourself out of bed. No more feeling too tired for social activities, work or exercise.

Third, you’ll experience other benefits of balanced hormones like higher libido, better mood, better sleep and increased overall health.
Is it possible for something this powerful to be safe?
Point blank: It’s all-natural and doesn’t involve any creams, injections or questionable supplements, only simple steps and actions backed by current science.

You can do this from home in just minutes a day with minimal or no equipment. Many get results without even adding exercise.

The Golden Ratio is designed to enhance your weight loss, health and wellbeing in every way.
How Long Does It Take?
The Golden Ratio Protocol couldn’t be easier. 

You will be provided with custom instructions that give you the maximum leverage over your body and hormones.

That means you will lose the most possible fat, optimize your hormones and tone your muscles easier and faster than any other method.

We understand how busy you are and this is made for people that want great health and a powerful lean body but don’t have much time to dedicate to mainstream methods that are too demanding on your schedule and energy levels.

Many of our clients experience rapid weight loss in the first month, losing up to 10 or more pounds and then continuing to lose weight at a similar pace so long as they continue to implement the system.
How do the customized assessment and personal blueprint work?
During this special offer, you automatically get a free Hormonal Assessment and Personal Roadmap to get ripped fast.

You can either fill in the quiz right away or later on at your convenience.

When you do, one of our experts will review you answers, produce your results and create an action plan made specifically for you.

You will receive this plan by email within a few hours to at most 2 business days after you submit it.
It is entirely FREE when you place your order today.
I know the Golden Ratio is backed by science, yet are you sure it will work for me? Is there a guarantee?
Yes, I am absolutely sure this system will work for you.

That’s why I’m offering a lifetime guarantee and the custom assessment and blueprint.

You can take as long as you need to evaluate the material, get your results and implement as much or as little as you want.

And at any time, if you’re not fully satisfied with your order of Man’s Golden Ratio, we’ll refund your $27.

This guarantee is valid as long as this website remains active.

You have absolutely no risk. It will work for you or you pay nothing. Go ahead and see for yourself.
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